Join Frances Pierce at Almac’s Product Launch Success Workshop 

June 21, 2022.

Orphan Drug Consulting is delighted to announce that Frances Pierce will be presenting at Almac’s Product Launch Success Workshop in Dublin on the 21st of June.


Join Frances Pierce at Almac’s Product Launch Success Workshop as she presents “Trade, custom, and import/export considerations”. Frances will offer insights into trade & customs, a general awareness of import and export considerations, and display how these link the end-to-end Supply Chain when planning for product launch success.

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Orphan Drug Consulting coordinates product launches into the US, EU, and other international markets providing strategic support in the areas of supply chain, quality assurance, vendor management, and entity management with its team of experienced industry professionals. From full-service solutions to solving specific immediate requirements, Orphan Drug Consulting is your partner of choice to manage market complexities ensuring your successful product launch to meet your patients’ needs.

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