Join us at our Product Launch Planning Workshop in Cambridge, MA. 

May 10, 2022.

Orphan Drug Consulting is delighted to invite you to attend our complimentary workshop titled Product Launch Planning – Phase Appropriate Strategies from the Clinic through to Commercial

Bringing a pharmaceutical product to the market is no easy task. There are a multitude of considerations that must be taken into account and the timing of these decisions is key to success. While product launch planning is often seen as a late-stage activity, planning early can save time and money in the future. Not having a phase-appropriate strategy to support transition from a clinical company to a commercial company can be a barrier to progression which could delay your product reaching your patients.

Orphan Drug Consulting specialize in helping companies transition from clinical to commercial by providing integrated cross-functional launch solutions and tailored services to companies in European, North American, and global markets. The team works with companies of all development stages providing services from strategic advice and corporate development through supply chain, quality assurance, compliance, vendor management, and product launch.

Join us and hear a series of speakers address some of the key areas impacting companies in early-stage development right through to commercialization, with selected presentations listed below:

  • Practical and Holistic Planning for Clinical and Commercial Launch – Real-World Experience
  • Design and Implementation of a Phase Appropriate Quality Management System
  • Global Trade Considerations (VAT, Customs, Duty) – Managing your Clinical and Commercial Supply Chain Locally and Internationally
  • Market Spotlight: EU Quality and the Role of the RP and QP
  • Selection and Management of the Right Partners and Vendors
  • Panel Discussion: Learnings from Product Launch during a Pandemic

Full agenda to be released soon, register your place now to avoid disappointment. 

*Attendance subject to approval by organizer*

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