Dublin, Ireland, 26 May 2022 – Orphan Drug Consulting announces the appointment of Frances Pierce as Head of Supply Chain on the Orphan Drug Consulting management team. 

Frances joined Orphan Drug Consulting in July 2021 and has since been promoted to Head of Supply Chain, a key position on Orphan Drug Consulting’s management team. Frances is a leading expert in Supply Chain, delivering results through her significant technical skills coupled to project management and client relationship management expertise. Over the past year, Frances has continuously demonstrated these abilities while engaged in a wide range of projects specializing in supply chain leadership, trade compliance, vendor management, project management, and country-specific product launches and routes to market for clients in multiple regions. Her consistent delivery of customer requirements has been directly attributable to the growth of Orphan Drug Consulting, with Frances leading multiple projects for new and existing clients.

Frances has over 18 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry, having held roles in supply chain management, logistics, and project management in a wide range of companies. As part of these roles, she developed new strategies, business models, processes, technologies, and systems required to support launching products into the EMEA. Prior to joining Orphan Drug Consulting, Frances held the position of Global Trade and Customs Director at Mylan Pharmaceuticals. 

Frances holds a Master of Science in Supply Chain Management from Technological University Dublin and is a Prince 2 Certified Practitioner. 

Adding Frances’s wealth of applicable experience to the management team facilitates Orphan Drug Consulting continued growth and is synergistic to the company’s overall value proposition. 

Jason Cameron, Chief Operating Officer of Orphan Drug Consulting commented on Frances’ appointment: “It’s a well-deserved recognition of Frances’ talent and technical expertise to have her continue her journey with Orphan Drug Consulting as Head of Supply Chain. After working alongside Frances for the past year, her wealth of experience speaks volumes, I’m excited to see this appointment facilitate our ongoing growth and let us continue to meet our clients’ needs effectively.” 

Frances adds: “I am delighted to take on the position of Head of Supply Chain for Orphan Drug Consulting. I look forward to continuing supporting the expert team and working alongside new and existing clients to guide them through the product launch process”.

About Orphan Drug Consulting Ltd

Orphan Drug Consulting coordinates product launches into the US, EU, and other international markets providing strategic support in the areas of supply chain, quality assurance, vendor management, and entity management with its team of experienced industry professionals. From full-service solutions to solving specific immediate requirements, Orphan Drug Consulting is your partner of choice to manage market complexities ensuring your successful product launch to meet your patients’ needs.

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