Global Reach

Expertise in HR strategy design and implementation to support current and future organization goals and requirements.

Having an understanding of your organizational strategy and human resources requirements is key to both domestic and international growth. Orphan Drug Consulting can help you navigate the complexities of organizational design to ensure your functional structure reflects the corporate needs of your business.

Our team has the experience and knowledge to guide you through your growth and expansion into existing and new markets, identifying key areas for development and recruitment of essential positions. Our team can manage the hiring process and guide you on when additional hiring is needed throughout the duration of your product lifecycle, fulfilling these positions on an interim basis until the right person is found.

Key Strategy Impacts

  • Specific Function Design in Accordance with Organization’s Development Stage and Clinical/Commercial Activities

  • HR Strategy Design and Implementation to Support Overall Current and Future Organization Goals

  • Acting as Interim HR Lead During Recruitment Period

  • Advice on Benefits and Local Employment Legislation Requirements

  • Contract Negotiation
  • Ensuring Tax Compliance with Recruitment Strategy

  • Functional Leader Mentoring and Operationalization of Newly Created

  • Functions/Organizational Structures

  • Recruitment Services

  • Interim Management

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