Global Reach

Managing complex global clinical and commercial supply pathways via virtual outsourced models, ensuring your product reaches your patient.

Robust and efficient supply chains are critical to your organization’s clinical and commercial success. A successful and agile supply chain is built on cross functional alignment and an understanding of the pitfalls which can derail a shipment or order.

The Orphan Drug Consulting team are experts in managing complex supply pathways across the world and managing the unusual locations that rare disease and niche products can sometimes lead you to due to the genetic prevalence of an illness in a particular location. We understand that supply needs to be agile, flexible and cost effective, both from a manufacturing and distribution perspective. We ensure that your vendors are matched to your organization’s needs and ensure that launch timelines are managed efficiently.

Key Strategy Impacts

  • Configuring End-to-end Supply Network

  • Implementation of Clinical and Commercial Forecasting

  • Introduction of Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

  • Selection and Implementation of Clinical and Commercial Manufacturing, Packaging and Distribution Partners

  • Inventory Optimization and Modelling
  • Management of Artwork Including SKU Optimization

  • Creation and Development of Artwork and Processes

  • Building an Effective and Scalable Customer and Logistics Service

  • Technical Transfer into CMO’s/CDO’s

  • API Registration & Management

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